Sunday, November 20, 2016

Goodbye Facebook

I've been pondering leaving Facebook for a long time. It makes me no money. It wastes my time. It's the perpetual high school reunion (sorry guys). The final straw was this morning when Facebook recommended I friend Sharylin.
Our marriage had its ups and downs, like most marriages do. While it's true that we had been separated for a couple of years prior to her death this spring, it is impossible to be with someone for over ten years and not be connected to them. I felt her go when her time came, and I don't wish that experience on anyone.
I've had enough of Facebook's emotional manipulation of my feed. I am tired of wading through the mire to find the odd gem. I don't want to hear about the outrage people feel about American politics. I could care less about what people are having for lunch. Congratulations on your toddler's first poop in the potty, but I am honestly uninterested. And no, my musician friends, I do not want to donate money towards your recording project. Do some paying gigs or get a day job and invest in yourself like the rest of us do when we want something expensive.
Facebook is nothing more than bubble gum for the mind. It promotes narcissim and fake news. They own everything you post there, and they collect your data to sell it to whomever wants it. I see no possible win for me there, and I am out.#goodbyefacebook